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Saklıkent Canyon is a must-see miracle of nature. It is about an hour of drive away from Liberty Hotels Ölüdeniz by car. If you are on a holiday in Fethiye, you should certainly visit Saklıkent.

Saklıkent Canyon is a unique natural wonder created by Karaçay, which draws the border between Antalya and Muğla and is connected to Eşen Çay. The canyon is 18 km long and 200 m high, the narrowest point is as small as 2 metres. The Saklıkent Canyon was declared as National Park in the Official Gazette dated 06.06.1996. The plant diversity of the canyon varies according to the height of the land and consists of schrubs, red pine, larch and cedar trees. The entrance of the canyon is a 200 meter wooden bridge mounted on the steep slopes with anchors. After the bridge, ice cold spring waters begin. Although it is difficult to pass through the first flowing water, it is possible to make safe passage to the other side with the help of the safety rope. After passing this section, visitors can walk along the calm stream among the huge cliffs in the canyon.

En route to Saklıkent from Liberty Hotels Ölüdeniz, you should definitely stop by the ancient city of Tlos and cool off in the cold waters of Yakapark while having fresh trout for lunch.

There is tale among the local population regarding the discovery of Saklıkent. According to the tale, a goatherd discovered the canyon while he was chasing a mischievous goat. After the discovery, the goatherd informed the Ministry of Environment and Forests and it is declared as a National Park. Following years, with the support of some private companies, Saklıkent has become what it is now.

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