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Kayaköy, formerly known as Levissi, is a settlement centre established during the Lycian period. It is located towards the northwest side of Liberty Hotels Ölüdeniz and is only 7 km away. It continued to exist as a rich city until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Kayaköy was the largest social and commercial centre of the region with its religious structures, pharmacies, hospitals, schools and post office. Kayaköy, where 25,000 people lived until 1922, had seen a dramatic decline in its population because of the population exchange between the Greek and Turkish governments. Greek people living in Kayaköy and Turkish people living in Western Thrace have been displaced mutually.

The houses of Kayaköy are generally around 50 m2 and the basements are mostly used as cellars. The most distinctive feature is that no house blocks the view of another. In that sense, the planning and the architectural value of the village fascinates any visitor. Two storeys houses have cisterns on the lower floors where rainwater accumulates. There are about 2000 houses, many chapels, two churches, schools and a customs buildingsthat all of them were built of 60 cm thick natural stone gathered from the region. Kayaköy had two types of settlements; flat terrain and slope. The Greeks chose to live on the slope and the Turk population lived on flat ground. For centuries, these two different cultures lived together and peace, prosperity and wealth have spread all over Kayaköy. Today, a calm and silent ghost town invites its visitors to experience its unparalleled nature. Nature refuses to forget its essence despite of people. The symbol of peace, olive trees, continue to bloom just to spite all wars.

Among the famous restaurants in Kayaköy are Cin Bal Kebap house, Levissi Garden Restaurant & Winehouse, İstanbul Restaurant and small, locally owned Turkish pancake places are spread all around the village.

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