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Rumor has it that, one day a young sailor travels to the area in ancient times and is caught off-guard by a storm offshore of Ölüdeniz. As he struggles to save his boat and life from wild waves, he notices a person desperately trying to point at the cliffs on the shore. With one last hope, although the cliffs seem dangerous, he somehow trusts this person and rows towards to the rocky part. After a while he sees a strait between the rocks and follows it, only to see that the wild waves are no more. When the sailor realizes that the person who saved his life is a young and beautiful girl, his heart starts to beat faster than ever. So he falls in love with this beauty. The young girl, named Belce, also feels the same for him. After that incident, the handsome sailor changes his course whenever he can only to see his beloved love for one more time and Belce always meets him on the same rock.

The young sailor, when on a different voyage with his father, is again caught off-guard by a storm in the same place. But now knowing the safe haven behind the rocky part of the beach, he tries to row towards that direction. Yet as his father does not know of the truth and thinks that his son tries to reach the girl on the rocks, he commands him to row away angrily. The young one tries to explain and make his father believe but to no avail. The quarrel between the two escalates as the wild waves off the shore and unfortunately gets physical. The old man, being the stronger one, finally strikes his son to make him obey. Say it the waves or the father, the young sailor falls to the sea and the angry waves take him instantly. The beautiful Belce, witnessing the whole event from the shore, writhes in agony and lets herself to the sea in hope of reaching her beloved young sailor. Death of two young lovers made the father sick in his heart and he lets go of the boat. By miracle, waves lead the boat into calm waters of Ölüdeniz, safe from storm and then, only then he understands his son.

From that day on, the lagoon is named Ölüdeniz (literally “dead sea”), and the long beach in front of it is named Belcekız (Belce the Damsel).

Liberty Hotels Ölüdeniz is located only 200 meters from Belcekız beach.

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