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Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley near Fethiye is a hidden gem of Turkeys Turquoise Coast. Deep, steep and accessible only by boat or via the Lycian Way walking trail, which is advised against. The Valley has only been visited in the last twenty or so years before that it was reletively untouched and unknown. Luckily due to the valley being inaccessable it has kept intact and pure. The unspoilt valley is lush gren and has much vegetation, some of the land is being cultivated to produce fresh fruit and vegetable to feed the hungry travellers that are desperate to get away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby tourist areas. Many of those chosing to stay on the island are backpackers, who bring tents or stay in the tree houses provided. Many of the boat trips that leave daily from Oludeniz beach make a stop at Butterfly Valley. Visitors are asked to refrain from shouting whilst exploring as the butterflies are very sensitive. Butterfly Valley is only 20 mins away from Liberty Hotels Ölüdeniz by boats.

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